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debQ is the evolution of the classical Queue Management System that was used to organize customers in the traditional service center. The next generation of customer interactions goes beyond than a single touch-point of contact.
Is a platform that enables your company to combine in a modular and scalable way all the customers interaction channels – service center, contact center, web, mobile, social sphere, mail, front-office and back-office – into a single customer engagement hub.

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Organizes Queues DebMedia

Organizes Queues

debQ creates amazing experiences for your customers when they visit our company and helps your team to efficiently solves their needs.

Optimizes Customers

Optimizes Customers Journey

debQ handles customer interactions in all the contact channels your company uses and builds optimal journeys for them producing positive engagement.

Improves Customers Experience DebMedia

Improves Customers Experience

debQ enables your company to move to the next generation of customers interactions and improves your business by orchestrating them in a single hub.

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Optimizes Resources and Sales

debQ analyzes all data generated over the multichannel contact center platform and offers actionable information to your business leaders.


debQ is a platform built for effective managing and orchestrating customer journey in any digital or physical environment. debQ is designed to be modular and scalable in order to fit in the current needs of your company and customers.
If you have a branch or branches where your customers visit your company, you could begin with the module for customers service center. You will improve the service you provide your customers with, by not having to line up to get served.

With debQ customer service center maodule you will be able to monitor the service level that your company is providing and the key performance indicators that matters to your business.

As your business gets growing up, you could discover our complementary modules such as debQ mobile app, debQ appointments, etc. For more details, please see the product tour.

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Serve your customers in any physical or digital environment in a single hub using our debQ platformt.

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Display any information about your company in your branches and manage how you deliver content in your screens and social networks using our digital signage module.

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Make a positive engagement with your customers and enable them to self service using our ATMs module. amet.

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Monitor your company service level and take real-time decisions using our business intelligence module.

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Analyse historical data and take business decision based on reliable information using our statistics module.

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Enable your customers to wait less and optimize your branches front-desk service using our appointments module.

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Enable your customers to manage their own time and allow them to interact with your company in their own pace using our mobile app module.

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Get deeply in-touch with your customers and listen to their needs using our survey management module.

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debQ is a platform designed to manage and optimize interactions between your business and your customers.

With multiple user touch-points and various communication channels, our product aims to be a unique and modern solution to customer’s multifaceted needs.

debQ has an intuitive and easy-to-use system, giving your company the control over all interactions with customers in an incredibly simple way.